Wheat bread flour - TO TA - type 750, 5 kg

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Ask about product

Wheat bread flour - TO TA - type 750, 5 kg

Wheat bread flour - TO TA - type 750, 5 kg

Symbol: TOT-360819

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Wheat flour obtained from wheat grains is the basic ingredient of various types of baking. It is very universal, hence its popularity. As the name suggests, bread flour is perfect for baking bread, rolls, croissants. It is thanks to it that the bread has a more delicate and subtle taste than that made from wholemeal flour. This is the most famous and popular purpose of bread flour, but not the only one. Type 750 wheat flour is also suitable for making homemade pizza dough. Its delicate taste perfectly harmonizes with cheese, tomato sauce and other additives that we reach for when preparing the iconic Italian pancake.

COMPOSITION: Wheat grain endosperm

Nutritional value per 100 g:

energy value: 1450 kJ

energy value: 342 kcal

protein: 12 g

fiber: 2.9 g

carbohydrates: 68 g (including sugars: 0.5 g)

fat: 1.8 g

(including saturated fatty acids: 0.4 g)

salt: 0.01 g


PRODUCENT: Żabczyńscy

SYMBOL: TOT-360819


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