Green tea - Whittard - Jasmine, 100 g

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Green tea - Whittard - Jasmine, 100 g

Green tea - Whittard - Jasmine, 100 g

Symbol: WH-130963

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It gives more experience, delights with its sweetness and rich aroma. This is green jasmine tea, which is perfect for any situation, although it is undoubtedly best with salty dishes in the after-dinner time. Its unique strains are harvested in spring so that the summer sun, already outside the bush, can gently dry them. Whittard Jasmine Green Tea is an aromatic and sweet taste that you can admire thanks to the benefits of the southern Chinese landscape. Its history can be traced back to the fifth century, and it has certainly been on many imperial tables in the Ming Dynasty. Aesthetic packaging makes this product perfect as a gift for any occasion. Whittard teas are products of the highest quality.

TYPE: Jasmine No. 09, green, leafy

INGREDIENTS: 100% green tea

PACKAGE: 100 g


SYMBOL: WH-130963

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