Round cake base - Modecor - gold, 25 cm

  • 8,70 zł

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Round cake base - Modecor - gold, 25 cm

Round cake base - Modecor - gold, 25 cm

Symbol: MOD-30447I

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Cake base covered with a decorative, shiny foil. Thanks to the smooth top layer, it is resistant to grease and does not seep. The tray is not only a practical accessory, it also allows for a spectacular display of your own baked goods. Thanks to it, you will not need a separate tray for serving sweets. Perfect for all types of cakes and confectionery products such as: cakes, multi-layer cakes, meringues, gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, exquisite desserts and many more!

COLOR: gold



PACKAGE: 1 pc.

PRODUCENT: Modecor Italiana


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