Color gel in tube - Modecor - black, 20 g

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Color gel in tube - Modecor - black, 20 g

Color gel in tube - Modecor - black, 20 g

Symbol: MOD-23279

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Gel colorings water soluble for masses. Ideal for coloring sugar paste, icing, whipped cream and sugar based products, sponge and leavened cakes, royal icing, whipped cream, frosting, meringues and shortbread.

COLOR: black

INGREDIENTS: glucose syrup, water, sucrose, dyes: tartrazine E102, brilliant black E151, azorubin E122, brilliant blue E133, sunset yellow E110; gelling agent: E406; acidity regulator: E330; Preservative: E202. Dyes E102, E122, E110 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.


PRODUCENT: Modecor Italiana


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