Cake and desserts decorator - Tadar - 8 adjustable tips

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Ask about product

Cake and desserts decorator - Tadar - 8 adjustable tips

Cake and desserts decorator - Tadar - 8 adjustable tips

Symbol: TAD-789379

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A handy decorator in the form of an easy-to-fill, large syringe with a set of 8 interchangeable tips. Thanks to it, you can create beautiful and tasty desserts, decorating them in many ways - from whipped cream designs to cakes with creamy rosettes or cakes with lots of delicious pudding. You have at your disposal as many as 8 interchangeable tips with different ends. With the Tadar cake decorator, you even have the option of professional stuffing your donuts! You can easily fill it with any type of cream, jam or freshly whipped cream. After all, it will take just a moment to clean the used elements. It is also a great excuse to spend time with your child in an interesting way - combine baking with carefree decorating!

COLOR: white

DIMMENSIONS: 5 x 10 cm

PACKAGE: decorator, 8 adjustable tips


SYMBOL: TAD-789379

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