Food coloring gel - Wilton - purple, 28 g

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Food coloring gel - Wilton - purple, 28 g

Food coloring gel - Wilton - purple, 28 g

Symbol: WIL-04-0-0034

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Gel dyes, added even in small amounts, will allow you to get deep, saturated colors. A wide range of available colors, combined with each other, will allow you to create virtually any, tailored to individual needs, color and shade. Dyes have a gel consistency and therefore added to icing masses do not thin them. Food colors are widely used in the kitchen. Not only can you create a unique decoration on your own cakes and cakes, but also spice up dishes served every day.

COLOR: purple

INGREDIENTS: glucose syrup, humectant: glycerin E422, sugar, water, starch, dyes: Tartrazine E102, Brilliant Blue FCF E133, Azorubine E122, Sunset Yellow FCF E110, Allura E129 Red, Vegetable E153; gelling agent: agar E406, preservatives: potassium sorbate E202; citric acid E330, sodium citrate E331



SYMBOL: WIL-04-0-0034


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