Chocolate dye - Sugarflair - Yellow, 35 g

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Ask about product

Chocolate dye - Sugarflair - Yellow, 35 g

Chocolate dye - Sugarflair - Yellow, 35 g

Symbol: SGF-C303

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Sensational dye, designed for chocolate painting or to create your own transfer films in different colors. A wide range of colors and ease of use make them an excellent product for decorating handmade chocolate decorations, e.g. pralines. The container should be put in the microwave for a few moments to melt the dye and the product is ready for use. With a brush on chocolate foil, we can paint colorful patterns, which after freezing can be applied to ready chocolates. The colors match white chocolate perfectly.

How to use: unscrew the cap and heat (microwave oven / water bath) until the dye dissolves, stir while dissolving, screw on the cap and shake. Do not exceed the temperature of 40 degrees. Then cool to 27 degrees.

COLOR: yellow

INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter, colour: E104


PRODUCENT: Sugarflair


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