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Transparent gelatine gel - Modecolor - 50 g

8.50 zł

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Ask about product

Transparent gelatine gel - Modecolor - 50 g

Transparent gelatine gel - Modecolor - 50 g

Symbol: MOD-24198

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Edible transparent decorative gelatin based gel in tube. Gel creates a shiny coat on the surfaces, called wet effect. Ideal for pralines, chocolate, wafers, cookies, sugar components and many other confectionery applications. It is invaluable for polishing prints on edible cake wafers. The dough surface smeared with it is much easier to cut and the decorations stick better to it. Gel can also be applied on fresh fruit, creates a delicate, shiny glaze and prevents from releasing juice.

COLOR: transparent


PRODUCENT: Modecor Italiana



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