Triple coupler - green

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Triple coupler - green

Triple coupler - green

Symbol: EB-MB-13214

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An adapter for confectionery plasters consisting of a cap and a base for performing spectacular three-color decorations. Thanks to it you can easily decorate e.g. muffins, cakes, pies, meringues and cookies in three colors at the same time!

How to use:

1. prepare 3 bags for decoration;

2. unscrew the coupler, place each of the three coupler parts in bags and cut to the appropriate width;

3. fold the coupler parts together, put on a large butt in any shape and twist with a purple cap;

4. fill each bag with cream of different colors;

5. squeeze the bags firmly from the back and press lightly to decorate your baked goods;

6. while decorating, you can easily replace the butt with a different shape - just unscrew the purple cap and put on another butt;

7. after work, wash and dry the coupler.

The product is sold independently, without pastry sleeves.

It is required to buy 3 bags (e.g. disposable bags of any length) and large plasters (except for the back 6B - it does not match the adapter).

Size 1M will be perfect. Standard butts do not match the coupler.

COLOR: green, white

PACKAGE: 1 pc.


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