Cookie cutter - KuchPol - reindeer, 7.5 cm

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Cookie cutter - KuchPol - reindeer, 7.5 cm

Cookie cutter - KuchPol - reindeer, 7.5 cm

Symbol: KUCH-WYKR2

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Christmas cutter in the shape of reindeer. Perfect for cutting shortbread cookies, gingerbread, sponge cakes and shapes made of sugar mass. You can also use it to create fancy decorations for cakes from icing or colored sprinkles. The mould has a sharp edge, thanks to which it can cope with cutting even from chilled dough. The cutter has a profiled edge that ensures comfortable holding and pressing, so it will be safe for the hands of children who are happy to help in the kitchen. The mold is made of the highest quality stainless steel, suitable for contact with food.

COLOR: silver

LENGTH: 7,5 cm

MATERIAL: stainless steel

PACKAGE: 1 pc.



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