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English Breakfast Tea - Whittard - 50 pcs.

25.90 zł

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Ask about product

English Breakfast Tea - Whittard - 50 pcs.

English Breakfast Tea - Whittard - 50 pcs.

Symbol: WH-130864

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Exceptional and unrepeatable tea composed by Walter Whittard from unique black tea strains from the Indonesian island of Java. English Breakfast tea has a strong, refreshing taste with quite a lot of bitterness. Inspirational and rich, full of flavor and multi-level aroma. Created to accompany breakfasts, but you will also enjoy it at other times of the day. The basis of true English full English tea - with milk. English Breakfast tickles the palates of even the most demanding tea connoisseurs. Brewing time: 3-5 minutes.

TYPE: English Breakfast No. 01

INGREDIENTS: 100% black tea

PACKAGE: 125 g (50 sachets)


SYMBOL: WH-130864


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